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These are the best, most legitimate ways to download free movies

Live streaming is good, but sometimes you want to watch that movie during a camping trip to an empty space or a plane where the internet is slower than home. The solution is to download the movie to your device so you can watch it (also called “local streaming”) later, when the internet is less good.

It’s easy to search for “free movies” that you can download, but almost everything you find will be illegal. Fortunately, there are many official sources for free download movies out there. Some of them offer movies on a public domain, but most are actually less well-known, free features of streaming programs that you may already subscribe to!

We checked the internet and found all the free movie download sources, filtered it to remove any shadows (welcome, trust), and wrote about it below. Enjoy!

Free Movie Download Sites

The hundreds of free movie download websites available online, public domain movies should be the ones you go to so that there is no question about their legitimacy. is a great source for these types of films.

Note: If a movie is a public domain, it means that the copyright is no longer owned by the same person — the public is the owners of the film. In other words, you can watch and download movies as many times as you like, completely legally.

There are a number of genres at the top of the site to help you find dramas, horror scenes, comedy, etc., among the several hundred movies offered here. Each page of the movie shows a picture of the movie cover, release date, captions, and cast members.

You can stream these movies directly from the website if you want to preview what you find, but the download button will take you to the last download page, where you can save it to your device for later viewing.

The Public Domain Review

The Public Domain Review film collections

Much like the website above is the Public Domain Review. Most of the movies here come from the same source as the previous site collection, but we added them here because of the good filtering options you have.

The link below takes you directly to the movie category, but once you’re there, you can sort by category, genre, theme, and genre. For example, you may want a movie of the 20th century, or only shorts or silent films, or movies that fall under the theme of fashion, ghost, or nature.

To download these movies for free, scroll to the bottom of the movie description page and look for the link in the Download or Source section.

Download Movies From an Existing Subscription

Download button on a Netflix movie

If you already pay for a live movie subscription, you may also be eligible to download movies from those services for later viewing, offline. This, in turn, may be your best option for downloading free movies you want to watch.

That being said, streaming services do not just provide you with a video file that you can save wherever you want. You can only download a movie from their authorized application, which helps them to control continuous copying or burning to disks.


Netflix is ​​one example of a subscription service that allows you to save your own movies and TV shows. You can download Netflix movies on your mobile device or computer with the official app. Use the down arrow shown next to any video supported download.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video subscribers can also download Prime movies and shows as well. See the Download button on the same screen where you can stream the video.


Downloading Vudu movies is possible with the official mobile app. Like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, this is only possible if you have already purchased the video.

YouTube Premium

To download a movie via YouTube Premium for offline viewing, visit the video page in the app and select the download button.

Disney +

Disney + is another way to save movies you pay for with a subscription. Use the mobile app to download Disney + movies, and access your offline videos on the download tab.

Google Play

Movies purchased with Movie & TV on Google Play can be downloaded via the mobile app library tab. See the step-by-step instructions in this Google Play help article.

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